Jim Anderson

Our Story

Addison Woodworks is a small custom woodworking shop located in Addison, Vermont, owned and operated by Jim Anderson since 1998. Initially operating as Anderson Design Construction, the name changed to Addison Woodworks in 2012 with the construction of a larger shop to highlight the emphasis on custom woodworking.

With a total of 26 years of experience, the last 18 years have been spent honing the skills of cabinetry and woodworking, primarily in the residential housing market. The proximity of Lake Champlain, and its second-home clientele, has provided the opportunity to produce pieces for some very interesting homes. Along with these opportunities have come many head-scratching sessions, ironing out designs with clients and contractors.

Adapting and creating new methods of construction, while also working within architectural plans and design parameters, forces outside-the-box thinking. Years of these experiences has led to a broad knowledge base, which is applied to all our projects; facilitating high quality work, well-organized schedules, and realistic timetables.  

Whether a few stair treads or a large kitchen, the proper resources are set aside to foster creativity and achieve consistent results. Efficiency is important, but never at the expense of quality and precision. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and strive to improve every day.